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" I'm feeling good. I felt mellow and relaxed all week even though work has been busy. I've been able to rise above the stress, be more positive and "lighter."

"Mary has such a calming affect on you, very knowledgable,... Her talents and gifts are quite amazing."

"Dear Mary, Thank you for the wonderful session and your willingness to address my hypothyroidism. My body felt so light and balanced at the end. I did not know that was possible."

"In the 6 weeks that you have been running my Bars, I have experienced more shifts and changes in my life than ever before,... now it [my body] is changing daily.

"There was a lot of healing today for my daughter Rosemary and for me. I ran her bars... For the most part she felt happy and relaxed to almost sleepy, but near the end she felt energized."

"I've been using Bars in my balancing sessions and clients love it...I love it!"

"I was suffering with what I called 'my nervous stomach'. I felt so exhausted... Mary Mayer, was there and offered a treatment. I can tell you I was a new person when she was finished."

"My upset stomach was gone, and the exhaustion had disappeared. In its place, I felt energized and at the same time, totally at peace."

"Your energy is incredible! Keep up the great work! Thank you for showing me what is possible."

"My experience with Mary and her work is of you being seen, supported, and guided towards integration, healing and clear energetic pathways. Mary really cares,... creates safe healing space and is in it for the whole journey."

Mary,Thank you! When I arrived at home, I felt full of energy. Excited.The next morning, I realized that I had not woken up in the middle of the night with numb hands. And when I am on the computer, my hands don't fall asleep either. (This is huge for me!)"

"Mary, thanks for checking. Yes, I got home safely. You are a great practitioner by the way. I felt very well taken care off and very safe. "

"Hello Mary! The bars was wonderful! It really helped with the nausea! Thank you! ((((Hugs))))"