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A Taste of Access evening: Explore 5 Tools to be your Brilliant Self & Change the world!

August 25, 2017, Richmond, VA 23227, 7:07 pm — 9 pm  $20 evening program

Let’s explore How you can Be your Brilliant self! –and how doing so can literally change the world.

Do you already know you have gifts, talents and abilities to share with the world?

Ever wonder “What’s stopping you?” Fear of failure? Fear of standing out? Fear of being seen?

Join Mary Jaz Mayer for a lively evening of dynamic tools from Access Consciousness as we take a look at what may be stopping you from being your brilliant self… and how to let go of it!  These keys allow us to recognize our more of our innate Brilliance– They allow us to make wiser and more brilliant choices instead of a pattern of blaming , shaming and feeling guilty for your past experinces. — all of these pragmatic tools you can begin to use right away! Would that be waaayy too easy? <smile>

So, Bring and friend or loved one. Bring your child-like wonder. Bring your curiosity and your willingness to consider some new possibilities.

However, Be forewarned!

— There may be laughter and joy,

…and maybe even tears

— There may be questions and clearings,

…and maybe releasing of old patterns

— There will be a demonstration of Access Bars, …the simple, light touch approach to reducing stress, worry and anxiety.

— and you may even start using these tools,

…and doing so may change other areas

of your life and living.

We wonder what might be different for all of us after this evening?

Mary is going to have fun!  …and we’d love to have you there with us!

 Register early! Get inspired. Bring a friend or two.


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